KimK & Wet look lashes video master class


Welcome to our online KimK / Wet look style training.Explained in an easy way online training course .
This course was created by our brand founder who are eyelash technicians who know the industry inside out with over 10 years combined experience. 

For just £29.99 our online course covers everything you need to know to perform beautiful new lash styles. Bring your self to a new level .

Do you want to become a better lash artist? Be able to offer more lash styles to your clients, and be on trend in the industry? Our Kim K Style/ Wet look lashes includes mapping, knowing how to choose the correct length and diameter for your chosen client.The video training explains in detail how to make the wisps and apply them correctly – also other tips for an easy and quick eyelashe extensions treatment.

After payment you’ll get access  to the full  video training .

*This course is for experienced lash technicians
*This training it’s not refundable

For any problems you have with training please don’t hesitate to contact us.